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all natural, safe to eat cookie dough
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About our dough:

Our dough recipes started with the idea of “how can we make cookie dough the way great-grandma use to make?”.  Back then ingredients were all natural without artificial colors, flavors or ingredients.  So, there is no fake stuff in our dough.  This even includes candies or other add ins to the dough.  Our caramel sauce we use in the Salted Caramel Pretzel dough is crafted in-house.  It is important to us that we provide the highest quality, all natural products to our customers.

We also use heat treated unbleached wheat flour and pasteurized eggs which make it absolutely safe to eat right out of the bowl, which we encourage!  We have made sure that the cookie dough doesn’t just taste amazing as dough but also as baked cookies, so bake if your heart desires (that is IF any of the dough makes it home with you!). 

As for Vegan and Gluten-free version, we are currently working on perfecting these flavors so check back for these introductions soon! 


About the founder, Christy Bell:

Christy's love for cookies started when she was 4 years old.  One of her first memories was going to visit her great-grandmother.  "I remember running upstairs to her apartment and she would open the door with a plate of fresh baked cookies.  I can still remember how they taste", said Christy.  She was the baker for the University of Michigan Law School, so I guess you could say her passion for baking is in her DNA.

Taking that love of baking throughout her life she was known as "Betty Crocker" to her college roommates as she was always baking something. Nowadays she finds baking a way to decompress from a busy day but noticed that most of the time she would just enjoy eating the dough and not even bake cookies.  Talking with friends about opening a bakery, they suggested selling the dough and giving the customer the option to decide if they wanted to bake it or eat it from the container.  Loving that idea, she did research on what natural ingredients make the dough safe to eat.  She is excited to bring her awesome cookie dough to the people. 

Having lived in Charleston for over 10 years she wanted to share her love of cookies and cookie dough with the community and beyond.  Supporting local business is important to her and she plans on selling her dough in local specialty food shops around town.  She hopes everyone falls in LOVE with